WARNING: Going Super Retro 2nite 4 Party Pix With my Joy Cam/iZone

****Watch out, Yall. I’m slapping u wif a major throwback @ the party 2nite****

Remember when they ‘reinvented’ the Polaroid? [c. 2000-2001]

Was digging around my closet 4 my Pink TOMS and came across 2 ‘ancient' relics from my youth…




And… my fuckin’ iZone

Having such a hard time deciding which 1 would be more ‘ironic' 2 bring 2 da party 2nite, what do yall think?

Joy-Cam's have more 'clean' pics and are a little bit more 'vintage'…

But iZone pix R Stickers! [that double as keut fridge art]

Might just take both and pass them around the party. Just hope some ‘lamestreamer' doesn't steal 1 bcuz he/she never got 1.

Where do yall keep yer iZone or Joy-Cam?

Do u like making keut fridge art wif yer iZone?

Am I gonna look super ‘retro' 2nite @ the party wif both cams?

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