Check Back For More ‘I Love the 2000s’ Next Month

Must recalibrate and gather up the best shit to love about the 2000s. 

Be sure to check back in a month or so for more 2000s fun, BBs!

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Tegan & Sara - “Walking With A Ghost” [2004]

Yall I totally remember jamming 2 this song back in the days b4 Tegan & Sara went ‘mindie’ [c. 2004]

Which identical ALTbaguette twin  were U?

Tegan er Sara?


Dawn of A New Era: The Hollister Bro

Remember when Hollister emerged and quickly became the staple fer #bro gear [c. 2002-2004] ?

Remember when U were the 1st bro to shop @ Hollister?

Remember yer sweet embroidered graphic tees?

Remember when U were the first bro 2 have a puka bead necklace?

Were u the 1st bro to sport a rope bracelet?

Did U only wear flip-flops wif year baggy cargo shorts?

DId U ‘surf naked’?

Wuz American Eagle more yer style?

Remember when only white ppl shopped @ Hollister/AE/Pac Sun/Abercrombie?

Were U a Hollister Bro?

Were U a surfer?

Did U even live near a beach?

Are U an exclusive member of Club Cali?

Did U like shopping in a beach hut?

Did it make U feel like U had an ‘authentic’ California experience?

Were U a ‘brand model’ @ Hollister?

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Shiny Toy Guns - “Don’t Cry Out” [2005]

Yall remember Shiny Toy Guns [c. 2005-2007]?

Remember arguing with some1 about when they came out?

Remember liking them until U saw what they looked lyk?

Do yall even know who this is?

Am I running out of music to ‘remember’?

'The Rules of Attraction' Was My College Experience

Yall, I was thinking back to my college years and I think the best way to explain it all is through The Rules of Attraction [2002].

Did yall read the book by Brett Easton Ellis?

Did u even know it wuz a book b4 a movie?

Did u think it wuz ‘arty’?

Did it portray the novel in a ‘good' way?

Did it remind U of college parties U attended?

Did u get a boner when U saw Ian Somerhalder show off his bangin’ bod?

Did u just ‘fall in love' all ovr again wif Jessica Biel?

Did the movie remind U of the time U and yer childhood fuck buddy reunited?

Did it remind U of the time that emo/Myspace gurl killed herself in the dorm bathroom?

Did U ever attend a ‘Dressed 2 Get Screwed' party?

Did U ever ‘experiment' in college?

Wut wuz yer college experience lyk?

Did U break alot of ♥s?

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'The Box' > MTV2

Did yall ever have cable back in the day and watch The Box [c. 1990s-2001]?

Though the channel was in the US since 1985, MTV got ahold of it c. 1999 and eventually switched it 2 MTV2 [c. 2001] 

Luv’d being able 2 call up & request my Britney video 24/7 b4 she ‘blew up’ on MTV.

H8 MTV2 now.

It’s just an outlet fer more re-runs of The Jersey Shore.

Just like MTV, they don’t play any music vidz.

Which vidz did u request all the time on the Box?

Did u run up yer mom’s phone bill requesting vidz?

Did u ever make a music vid ‘mixtape’ and VHS record the Box?

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U Can Borrow A Gelly Roll, BB. Just B Sure 2 Give It Back, Kay?

Yes, BB. I’ll let U borrow a Gelly Roll fer Science class. Just be sure to give it back, okay? I’ve had these fer a while. [c. 2000-2002]

Which color do U want?

or what about 1 of these colors?

or would U rather have a lighting 1?

Not sure if the teacher will be ‘cool' with U writing in lighting on yer Science test, tho.

Maybe U can ‘compromise' and use a metallic 1?

Just BE SURE THAT U GIVE IT BACK at the end of class. I have all 75 Gelly Rolls and it cost me $100 to do so. 

Don’t want 2 be mad @ U so just be sure I get it back. 

Did any1 ever steal yer Gelly Rolls?

Did it make U upset?

Which 1 was yer favorite set?

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Remember the Russian Lesbes Who Turned Out to Be Str8?

t.A.T.u. - “All the Things She Said” [2002]

OMG yall I luved t.A.T.u, wut abt U?

all the things she said running through my head

running through my head running through my head

this is not enough

this is not enough

Did Yall evr buy the album?

Did U like the Russian version better?

Remember when 1 of the lesbes got pregnant and it turned out they were str8?

R they still 2gether or is t.A.T.u. splitsville?

Which Russian LesBB were U?

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Got My Adidas Classix & White College Cap, Ready 2 Tailgate!

Hey Yall, headed 2 da tailgate. Got my BRO GEAR

Got my Adidas Classics & White College Cap out from storage. Hadn’t worn these ‘ancient’ relics of my youth for a while [c. 2000-2002]. 

Remember seeing bros in this gear b4 the dawn of the ‘Hollister’ bro?

Remember seeing bros wear ‘funny' white college caps?

What color were yer Adidas Classic stripes?

Did u have different ones fer different days?

Who Did U Get ‘Undressed’ Wif?

Yall remember that awesome show on MTV, Undressed [c. 1999-2002]?

Remember how it never had the same characters on there, and wuz impossible to keep up with the ‘storylines’?

Remember how low-budg it wuz? Did it remind U of a softcore porn?

Did it give U good sex ‘tips’?

Did it confuse U abt sex?

Did u get yer ‘fashion’ inspo from Undressed

Who did U get ‘undressed' wif?

Do U still watch Undressed? [Season 1 & 2 currently online]

Are other shows like Skins & Degrassi as ‘edgy’ as Undressed?

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What G iPod Did U Pop Yer Cherry 2?

Yall remember when iPods 1st came out? [c. 2001-2002]

Which G iPod wuz yer 1st?

Were u an ‘OG’?


Were u ‘old skewl' wif the 3G instead?


Were U 4G BB?


Did u go petit [via iPod mini]?


Were u a ‘try hard' when u got the 1st iPod shuffle? Did u wear it around yer neck?


Were U super 2KL8 when U got the iPod Video/5G?


or did U wait til U could check yer FB on yer iPod [via iTouch]?


Which iPod did u have when you lost yer v-card?

Which iPod did u have when you moved back in wif Mom & Dad?

Which iPod did u share with yer ex-BF?

Does he still have it?

Did U go iRiver b4 U went iPod?

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I Knew Who Modest Mouse Wuz B4 U Did, Bro

Ice Age heatwave can’t complain

if the world’s at large why should I remain?

Walked away 2 another plan

Gonna find another place,

maybe 1 I can stand

Modest Mouse - “The World At Large” [2004]

Remember when U were the ‘first’ of yer friends/live journal group 2 know who Modest Mouse was b4 they were on MTV [c. 2004]?

Remember when yer life was ‘ruined’ bcuz they blew up when “Float On” was on MTV?

yeah we’ll all floooooat on okayyyy

we’ll all float on okayyyyy

and we’ll allll float on okayyyyy

and we’ll alll floooooat onnn

alright, already….

floatttt onnnn

Did this song just make U want 2 ‘float on’?

If the world’s ‘at large’ why should I remain?

Were Modest Mouse lyrics ‘inspirational’ or ‘total crap’?

Was Modest Mouse your Entry-Level experience 2 ‘alternative’ music?

When did U consider this band 2 B ‘over’?

When did U consider this band 2 B ‘begun’?

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Going ‘Green’ Yall. Only Riding my Razor Around.

Remember when the Razor scooter 1st came out and U had to get 1? [c. 2000]

Remember when U got 1 and u were the envy of the block/apartment complex/gated community/government housing unit?

Did u have 2 share 1 wif yer sibling?

Did yer little brother become a ‘Pro’?

Can yall do any kewl tricks on yer Razor?

Can u do a wheel-e?

Did u get a ‘knock-off' Razor from Wal-Mart?

Remember when you started seeing poor kids with Razors and they were ‘over’?

Can’t wait 2 hit the streets in my Razor

Am I gonna look ‘kewl’?

Am I gonna look ‘fucking retarded’?

Am I gonna look ‘low-class’?

Am I gonna look ‘green’?

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WARNING: Going Super Retro 2nite 4 Party Pix With my Joy Cam/iZone

****Watch out, Yall. I’m slapping u wif a major throwback @ the party 2nite****

Remember when they ‘reinvented’ the Polaroid? [c. 2000-2001]

Was digging around my closet 4 my Pink TOMS and came across 2 ‘ancient' relics from my youth…




And… my fuckin’ iZone

Having such a hard time deciding which 1 would be more ‘ironic' 2 bring 2 da party 2nite, what do yall think?

Joy-Cam's have more 'clean' pics and are a little bit more 'vintage'…

But iZone pix R Stickers! [that double as keut fridge art]

Might just take both and pass them around the party. Just hope some ‘lamestreamer' doesn't steal 1 bcuz he/she never got 1.

Where do yall keep yer iZone or Joy-Cam?

Do u like making keut fridge art wif yer iZone?

Am I gonna look super ‘retro' 2nite @ the party wif both cams?

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Going 2 Gadzooks, Need Me to Pick Anything Up?

Yall ever go 2 Gadzooks [c. 2000-2003]?

Want me 2 Pick anything up while I’m there?

I can get U a ‘posh’ silver-ball necklace

Can get u a “I’m with Stupid ➽" tee

Can get u those 4-Wheel Skechers U’ve been wanting

Need me 2 get that Scorpion belly button ring that yer BF won’t get u?

Need me 2 get that bead necklace 4 yer ‘side dish’?

I think yer kinda low on yer Curve perfume, want me 2 pick sum up?

Or did u want 2 try that stuff that Sugar Ray promotes, Candies?

Just b sure 2 let me know what U want, Yall. 

Lot’s of great shit @ Gadzooks

Love the VW Bug in the store…so ‘quirky’

#Busy @ Gadzooks

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