'The Rules of Attraction' Was My College Experience

Yall, I was thinking back to my college years and I think the best way to explain it all is through The Rules of Attraction [2002].

Did yall read the book by Brett Easton Ellis?

Did u even know it wuz a book b4 a movie?

Did u think it wuz ‘arty’?

Did it portray the novel in a ‘good' way?

Did it remind U of college parties U attended?

Did u get a boner when U saw Ian Somerhalder show off his bangin’ bod?

Did u just ‘fall in love' all ovr again wif Jessica Biel?

Did the movie remind U of the time U and yer childhood fuck buddy reunited?

Did it remind U of the time that emo/Myspace gurl killed herself in the dorm bathroom?

Did U ever attend a ‘Dressed 2 Get Screwed' party?

Did U ever ‘experiment' in college?

Wut wuz yer college experience lyk?

Did U break alot of ♥s?

(Source: cumpoundgerald)