Dawn of A New Era: The Hollister Bro

Remember when Hollister emerged and quickly became the staple fer #bro gear [c. 2002-2004] ?

Remember when U were the 1st bro to shop @ Hollister?

Remember yer sweet embroidered graphic tees?

Remember when U were the first bro 2 have a puka bead necklace?

Were u the 1st bro to sport a rope bracelet?

Did U only wear flip-flops wif year baggy cargo shorts?

DId U ‘surf naked’?

Wuz American Eagle more yer style?

Remember when only white ppl shopped @ Hollister/AE/Pac Sun/Abercrombie?

Were U a Hollister Bro?

Were U a surfer?

Did U even live near a beach?

Are U an exclusive member of Club Cali?

Did U like shopping in a beach hut?

Did it make U feel like U had an ‘authentic’ California experience?

Were U a ‘brand model’ @ Hollister?

(Source: cumpoundgerald)