'The Rules of Attraction' Was My College Experience

Yall, I was thinking back to my college years and I think the best way to explain it all is through The Rules of Attraction [2002].

Did yall read the book by Brett Easton Ellis?

Did u even know it wuz a book b4 a movie?

Did u think it wuz ‘arty’?

Did it portray the novel in a ‘good' way?

Did it remind U of college parties U attended?

Did u get a boner when U saw Ian Somerhalder show off his bangin’ bod?

Did u just ‘fall in love' all ovr again wif Jessica Biel?

Did the movie remind U of the time U and yer childhood fuck buddy reunited?

Did it remind U of the time that emo/Myspace gurl killed herself in the dorm bathroom?

Did U ever attend a ‘Dressed 2 Get Screwed' party?

Did U ever ‘experiment' in college?

Wut wuz yer college experience lyk?

Did U break alot of ♥s?

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Remember the Russian Lesbes Who Turned Out to Be Str8?

t.A.T.u. - “All the Things She Said” [2002]

OMG yall I luved t.A.T.u, wut abt U?

all the things she said running through my head

running through my head running through my head

this is not enough

this is not enough

Did Yall evr buy the album?

Did U like the Russian version better?

Remember when 1 of the lesbes got pregnant and it turned out they were str8?

R they still 2gether or is t.A.T.u. splitsville?

Which Russian LesBB were U?

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Who Did U Get ‘Undressed’ Wif?

Yall remember that awesome show on MTV, Undressed [c. 1999-2002]?

Remember how it never had the same characters on there, and wuz impossible to keep up with the ‘storylines’?

Remember how low-budg it wuz? Did it remind U of a softcore porn?

Did it give U good sex ‘tips’?

Did it confuse U abt sex?

Did u get yer ‘fashion’ inspo from Undressed

Who did U get ‘undressed' wif?

Do U still watch Undressed? [Season 1 & 2 currently online]

Are other shows like Skins & Degrassi as ‘edgy’ as Undressed?

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Going 2 Gadzooks, Need Me to Pick Anything Up?

Yall ever go 2 Gadzooks [c. 2000-2003]?

Want me 2 Pick anything up while I’m there?

I can get U a ‘posh’ silver-ball necklace

Can get u a “I’m with Stupid ➽" tee

Can get u those 4-Wheel Skechers U’ve been wanting

Need me 2 get that Scorpion belly button ring that yer BF won’t get u?

Need me 2 get that bead necklace 4 yer ‘side dish’?

I think yer kinda low on yer Curve perfume, want me 2 pick sum up?

Or did u want 2 try that stuff that Sugar Ray promotes, Candies?

Just b sure 2 let me know what U want, Yall. 

Lot’s of great shit @ Gadzooks

Love the VW Bug in the store…so ‘quirky’

#Busy @ Gadzooks

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Remember when u got a Motorola Talkabout b4 a cell phone? [c. 2000-2002]

Isn’t it weird/interesting/funny how these are totally ‘out’ now yet all evry1 uses their phones 4 is txting?

Gonna go 2 a sick ass party 2nite and sport my TLKABT

Won’t B able 2 TXT any1, but I’ll still look ‘kewl’ whipping it out and pretending 2 txt ppl or telling ppl they can use it.

Who did u always txt on yer TLKABT?


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Yall…I can’t decide which ‘humor’ tee 2 wear out 2nite…

Being a Texan I totally want 2 go for the TX 1, but I dunno if my dick is ‘buzzworthy

Might just wear my Idaho 1, wut do ya’ll think?

Is a pun with a state’s name still ‘relevant’ or is it way 2kL8?

Am I representing the 2k0s brand ‘ironically’?

Do I look good in my bathroom .PNG?

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Turn On the Bright Lights - Interpol