Shots of ranch for my bday y’all

Shots of ranch for my bday y’all

I really wish my Uncle Carl would stop hoarding Disney shit and going as far as to think he himself is a Disney princess. I remember when he first got out of the institution the last time he went in because he was on so much Paxil and Ativans that he had the balls to start telling pre-tween girls at the Coldstone Creamery he works at that he was going to kidnap them for their Jasmine merch. Luckily because of strings that were pulled by his doctors, he didn’t have criminal charges filed against him. We all thought this would be the final rock bottom for him to give up this sick Disney Princess obsession and live in a more conventional suburban fairytale life instead of a delusional and twisted one.

He seemed to be doing pretty well and back to normal Uncle Carl after getting out. My mom and I went out to lunch one day with him recently to Panera Bread and he brought along a decent but still unfortunate-looking woman friend he met offline. When mom and I left we both talked about how calm he seemed, things seemed to finally be getting past him. Then the other day, much to our dismay, this picture popped up on his Facebook…We’re not really sure what to make of it, but we’re assuming that he’s relapsing. It seems as if we’re completely out of options, my mom says she’s giving up. I feel like I can probably do something to help though. I’m part of this millennial generation that can bank off internet power, and with that in mind I may start a Kickstarter to get him some decent electroconvulsive therapy so he can finally live a normal life here in Suburbia outside of my mom’s basement, and far far away from his sick Disney fantasy. 

Please contact me if you’d like to help out with this kickstarter, will post link when I get it all organized. 

Dear god I hate to see him like this. 

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Awkward photos from all ages night clubs.

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